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Cambridge Education and Training (CET) was founded in 1987 and has provided hundreds of highly qualified, experienced tutors who have successfully tutored thousands of students in many different subjects.

CET has become known by many as Cambridgeshire's leading provider of private tutoring services including one-to-one, small group and home tuition. Our tutors have taught students ranging from toddlers to those proving that you're never too old to learn.

All of our tutors are thoroughly vetted prior to being registered with the agency which involves the production of a recent CRB check and the taking up of references. For those wishing to tutor in their own homes, a member of the agency will visit the tutor at their residence to ensure that it is suitable for such a purpose.

Unlike some agencies where their involvement with a client stops once tuition begins, at CET we maintain a regular contact. Tutors produce monthly progress reports which are passed on to the client along with a monthly balance sheet. Evaluations of the tutors and the agency are completed at regular intervals and any points raised acted upon.

Why should you choose Cambridge Education and Training?

1. We provide highly qualified, experienced tutors.
2. We are an established agency with proven results over a number of years.
3. We provide tutors who would be appropriate for the student, not just anyone.
4. We care about the tuition which we provide and maintain regular contact with clients.
5. We can supply tutors in over 60 different subjects.

We would be delighted to help you find a tutor. Please complete our online form and we will let you know who we have who may be able to help with the tuition.

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